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02:53 PM, Thursday, August 23, 2007

What Makes Software Legacy?

What makes software legacy? Two most popular answers are the age of the software, or the technology it was built upon. Looking at this question more critically, neither of these answers make any sense. For instance, some of the internet technologies are over 10 years old - does it make those legacy? Is Apache web server legacy? How about mainframes or Unix? Apparently these are not called legacy either - although each of these are quite old - way older than the latest buzz technology. How about software built using C or Perl? In fact, EJB 1.0, which is younger than, let's say, C language, is considered legacy now. So, it is neither the age of the software nor the age of the underlying technology that make software legacy.

03:05 PM, Thursday, August 16, 2007

Frameworks and Scalability - Antithesis?

I was thrilled to read about PlentyOfFish architecture at today. What impressed me most was the fact that an incredible amount of scalability was achieved completely ignoring a number of design qualities that web frameworks try to provide via layers of abstractions. This architecture just reinforces the idea that complex problems can be solved without complex abstractions.

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