because writing is clarifying

because writing is clarifying

Subbu Allamaraju’s Journal

21 Mar 2021

Stop Feeding the Monkey – Journaling

Consider a few contemporary problems for tech workers.
07 Mar 2021

On Being Present

The concept of “presence” eluded me for some time. Based on some muzzy ideas that I formed over time, I’ve associated presence with how…
21 Feb 2021

On Getting Promoted — Push vs. Pull

I vividly recall a particular one-on-one conversation. … The question that bothered me most at that time was how to get to the next level.
31 Dec 2020

2020 — A Year of Privilege

2020 was a weird year. Many things were different twelve months ago. At first, there was the pandemic. Before we even realized what the…
16 Nov 2020

Jumping Across Career Ladders

I went through a career reboot earlier this year. All these years, I grew in my career through the individual contributor (IC) ladder…
31 Dec 2019

Lessons from 2019

As I look back into 2019 and prepare myself for 2020, I’m proud of two things. First, leading through influencing with little positional…
30 Dec 2019

Studying an Incident

It is not often you get an opportunity to study an incident to illustrate a few lessons. A recent incident that I describe below teaches…
23 Dec 2019

Retinitis Pigmentosa

Nature and evolution offer some astounding patterns. Imagine a genetic disorder that affects males (sufferers), while their female…
17 Dec 2019

Why Learn from Incidents

Resiliency related discussions usually delve into so-called “resiliency practices” like circuit breakers, bulkheading, and timeouts…
26 Oct 2019

On Public Speaking

Public speaking is one of the most uncomfortable things I do. Though I’ve spoken occasionally over time, despite knowing the subject and…
09 Oct 2019

Penalties and Purgatory

I spoke on this topic at the ServerlessConf New York on October 8, 2019. Below are the slides and speaker notes. The thesis of my talk is…
27 Sep 2019

Forming Failure Hypothesis

Subjecting systems to failures is supposed to increase confidence in their stability. But why? How do you form useful failure hypotheses…
18 Jul 2019

If Only Production Incidents Could Speak

Below are the slides and extended speaker notes from my talk on July 18, 2019, at OSCON 2019 with the same title as this post. See my…
10 Jun 2019

Status Management

I learned about “status management” recently while reading Daniel Coyle’s The Culture Code. Since then I can not stop seeing status…
30 May 2019


Some of the best meetings I’ve had in recent years are those that I have had no opinions on. These were meetings where folks had…
26 Feb 2019

Incidents — Trends from the Trenches

Most publicized production incidents are war stories. Each involves drama with dead ends, twists and turns, and a victory at the end…
10 Jan 2019

The Value is in Dealing with the Messy Stuff

Over the last several years, I had the opportunity to lead a few projects that were too large for any single team to execute. I also dealt…
29 Dec 2018

Contemporary Views on Serverless and Implications

We want near-instantaneous elasticity of resources and never have to pre-allocate resources or pay for more resources than needed. We also…
19 Nov 2018

Taming the Rate of Change

These are great times for pushing code to production. Thanks to the cloud, micro-services, and investments in CI/CD pipelines, teams that…
20 Jun 2018

Cloud Optimization Circus

If you are a cloud adopter rapidly adopting cloud services, but not developing the finance governance muscle, you will certainly be…