RESTful Web Services Cookbook Released

I am happy to announce that the RESTful Web Services Cookbook is now available in stores.

Many thanks to Mark Nottingham, Eben Hewitt, Colin Jack, Stefan Tilkov, Norbert Lindenberg, Chris Westin, Dan Theurer, Shaunak Kashyap, Larry Cable, Alan Dean, Surya Suravarapu, Jim D’Ambrosia, Randolph Kahle, Dhananjay Nene and Brian Sletten for their valuable and critical feedback on this book.

If you are interested reviewing the book, please email me directly. The Yahoo! Developer Network may be interested in publishing a review.

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  1. Hi Subbu,
    Congratulations and thanks a lot for this great book.
    One remark though: I’ve just read the chapter 14.1 on “How to Document RESTful Web Services” and I find it a bit contradictory to what you wrote some time ago on InfoQ ( In this article, and I agree with you, you explain clearly that what is important is to document links, relations and media types instead of URIs. URIs are meant to be opaque and therefore not documented as is. But in this chapter 14.1, your advice is to document “All resources and methods supported for each resource”. To me, it looks similar to a context-free documentation of URIs. My understanding of a RESTful client is that it does not know what and where is the “Photo” resource, it should only know what HTTP methods apply to a link of a given relation in a given context and how to process a photo media type. I would be very interested to have your opinion on this subject.
    Best regards,

    • Daniel – there is no source code since all the examples are HTTP requests and responses.

      Regarding the web site, it only hosted a TOC for during the book writing phase. As I slacked on domain renewal, someone squatted.

  2. Hello Sir,

    Congratulations. Can you please give me your email address? I want to review your book.

    Thanks in Advance.