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WS-REST 2010 Call for Papers

The due date (February 8, 2010) for WS-REST 2010 First International Workshop on RESTful Design is fast approaching. There is still time to submit papers for this workshop. Topics include:

  • Applications of the REST architectural style to novel domains
  • Design Patterns and Anti-Patterns for RESTful services
  • RESTful service composition
  • Inverted REST (REST for push events)
  • Integration of Pub/Sub with REST
  • Performance and QoS Evaluations of RESTful services
  • REST compliant transaction models
  • Mashups
  • Frameworks and toolkits for RESTful service implementations
  • Frameworks and toolkits for RESTful service consumption
  • Modeling RESTful services
  • Resource Design and Granularity
  • Evolution of RESTful services
  • Versioning and Extension of REST APIs
  • HTTP extensions and replacements
  • REST compliant protocols beyond HTTP
  • Multi-Protocol REST (REST architectures across protocols)

This list is exhaustive. In particular, I would love to see contributions presenting on performance and QoS, tradeoffs, HTTP extensions and client/server side frameworks. See the call for papers for more details.