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1000 Miles in Washington

With today’s Cayuse Pass and Chinook Pass ride, I finished riding 1000 miles in exactly two months. This involved 32 rides, 56000ft of climb over 77 hours on the saddle (not exactly happy with the saddle time). Here is a screen shot from my ride diary at Cyclogz.

1000 Miles in Washington

Here are some of the most interesting rides done in this state so far.

Steven’s Pass: On May 31, 79 miles, 4972 ft climb. From Startup to the Steven’s Pass and back, along Highway 2.

Blewett Pass: On June 8, 54 miles, 2879 ft climb. From Cle Elum to the pass and back.

Cayuse Pass and Chinook Pass Pass: On July 4, 64 miles, 4343 climb. From near Federation Park to the Chinook Pass and back, along route 410.

Flying Wheels Summer Century 2008: On June 14, 101 miles, 4164 ft climb

Issaquah to Monroe: On May 25, 66 miles, 2186 ft climb, mostly along route 203.

Mt Adams Country Bicycle Tour: On June 28, 58 miles, 5300 ft climb, near Trout Lake.

So far, I like the quality of cycling here. There are a lots of hills, in fact, I can’t get pure flat rides near where I live. There are few long climbs like the above. Rain does bother sometimes and I may need to invest in another rugged bike to ride on wet roads. On the plus side, I don’t need to worry about too much heat.

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