Joel’s Field Guide

Another nice articiel only Joel Spolsky can write A Field Guide to Developers. Here is my favorite part of this article:

Programmers have very well-honed senses of justice. Code either works, or it doesn’t. There’s no sense in arguing whether a bug exists, since you can test the code and find out. The world of programming is very just and very strictly ordered and a heck of a lot of people go into programming in the first place because they prefer to spend their time in a just, orderly place, a strict meritocracy where you can win any debate simply by being right.

I don’t hear people preaching this style argument often, but the best programmers I know and admire do follow this line of thinking.

Joel is so right about developers’ perception of politis. It is all about making just choices . Ranting of any kind usually starts with something or other not being, well, just – listen up managers!

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