because writing is clarifying

because writing is clarifying

Subbu Allamaraju’s Journal

Leadership Masterclass for Individual Contributors

I’m excited to announce that I’m offering a limited-edition masterclass for individual contributors (Principal, Distinguished, Staff, or Senior Staff levels) on June 24th, 2023. The sole purpose of this masterclass is to help you improve your leadership skills so you can lead with joy and not frustration.

If you want to attend, sign up for Leadership Masterclass for Individual Contributors. Also, forward to others that may be interested in this class.

This masterclass is limited to 10 individuals, offered online. The class is free, but each participant must contribute at least 300 USD to a charity of their choice to be eligible to join this masterclass. I will ask you to provide proof of your contribution. Based on interest, I might offer repeat sessions.

Attendees must have at least ten years of experience as individual contributors, as the material we cover may not be helpful for the less experienced.

Here is why I’m conducting this masterclass and focusing on individual contributor roles.

In most organizations, senior individual contributor roles are some of the toughest to succeed. Organizations expect individuals in these roles to demonstrate several aspects of leadership, such as setting and influencing the direction of several teams, driving consensus, dealing with conflict, establishing standards and procedures, and leading and mentoring others. For most, developing the skills to meet such expectations without the ability to manage and control resources (like people and budget) seems like a frustrating task. Even more frustrating, organizations rarely facilitate leadership development for individual contributors.

This program includes two parts.

Part 1: A two-hour class

In this part, we will broadly cover three topics:

  1. Nature of individual contributor roles and potential leadership obstacles
  2. Leadership competencies for effectiveness and continued growth
  3. A framework to self-identify areas for development

The material is based on my personal experience, lessons observed from coaching several individual contributors, and a few of my lectures in private settings.

Part 2: A 45-min one-on-one coaching session

In this session, we will discuss your context, unique challenges, and potential opportunities. We will also develop and review a self-development plan.

Sign up today at Leadership Masterclass for Individual Contributors.

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