because writing is clarifying

because writing is clarifying

Subbu Allamaraju’s Journal

There is No Pendulum

As public cloud spend goes up, will the pendulum swing back to enterprise data centers? Sorry, but there is no pendulum to swing back.

A pendulum exists only when you treat a public cloud as a compute center and not as a platform.

The top three clouds offer 60–100 services each today. These are well integrated to help get a lot of work done. Each of these have ecosystem of services built around them, and are growing strong as platforms. The fact that each of these platforms run in compute centers is just a necessary detail. Once you start building businesses on top of these platforms and are generating value, there is no going back.

Here is an analogy. Smart phones are certainly more expensive than feature phones. But feature phones are not coming back. Today’s smart phones are build around platforms.

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