because writing is clarifying

because writing is clarifying

Subbu Allamaraju’s Journal

15 Jul 2023

Mid Career Stuckness

It may sound harsh, but let me offer a hypothesis — most of us get disillusioned and potentially stuck in mid-careers, a...
18 Jun 2023


In organizational settings, we take leadership far more seriously than followership. Followership is a rarely used term ...
29 May 2023

Leadership Masterclass for Individual Contributors

I’m excited to announce that I’m offering a limited-edition masterclass for individual contributors (Principal, Distingu...
21 Feb 2023

Boss Test of Goal Crafting

Here is a basic test to know if you’ve picked the right goals for your team. Start with a simple question — Can you expl...
28 Jan 2023

Authenticity and Acting

Acting seems like the most inauthentic thing to do — like putting an external façade to manipulate the audience to get t...
15 Jan 2023

Shaping Your Authenticity

There are many genres of leadership theories. One of those is authentic leadership. Regardless of how leadership psychol...
08 Jan 2023

Five Nuggets from 2022

Hello. Welcome to 2023. The holiday break gave me ample time to reflect on 2022 and distill some insights and lessons le...
30 Jul 2022

Building Career Resilience

Several weeks ago, I was having a coaching conversation about career choices with someone. The question was whether to c...
26 Jun 2022

Inputs and Outputs

Focus on what you can control, but not let angst and frustration control you from discovering what you can control.
05 Jun 2022

Work as a Socio-Business Relationship

In recent days and weeks, we have heard about layoffs and companies deferring or rescinding offers. CEOs and comms teams...
08 May 2022

On Org Design Vulnerabilities

As I reflect on my experience working with or for some experienced managers in large companies, I realize how good some are at developing…
29 Apr 2022

Career Choices and Business Models

When considering career changes, your first criteria for choosing a company should be its business model. Read more to learn why.
25 Mar 2022

Must DOs for Interviewers

Here are three must DOs for interviewers based on my recent interviewing experience with several companies.
12 Mar 2022

Making Up Movies

Continuing from my previous article on managing yourself, another classic trap that impedes personal growth is endlessly playing self-made…
02 Feb 2022

Don’t Chase Data Mesh, Yet

Data mesh is a nice wishy-washy set of ideas to improve the current state of data. The principles are based on sound reasoning and are well…
30 Jan 2022

Managing Yourself

As the readers of this blog know, I have been offering free coaching sessions since November last year. From then, I’ve coached over twenty…
28 Dec 2021

2021 in Books

Here are the top books that influenced me the most this year.
26 Dec 2021

On Feedback

Asking for feedback can be challenging. It can be uncomfortable to know. It may force you to look at things that you would instead look…
12 Dec 2021

Cultivate the Coaching Practice

Most managers and companies spend weeks and months hiring but do little to feed and groom the minds of the people they employ – that’s what…
07 Dec 2021

Tell Me More

As a form of asking a question, “why” is the queen. Asking for why demonstrates a curious mind at work. We expect a question with a “why”…